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Schedule Phone Consult

You will speak directly with Attorney Mark Buckley. He will help you explore your debt relief options, including bankruptcy and debt settlement. He will explain the costs, time-line and how to quickly rebuild your credit score.

Prepare for Meeting

We provide a checklist of important documents needed for your case and schedule a convenient time to meet. Most cases are done over the phone, or in person at our Providence Office.

Sign and File Case

Once your case is filed, you are protected. No more harassing phone calls, collection letters, or lawsuits. After a brief video hearing, a fresh start is available typically 90 days after filing.

Debt settlement services

If you don’t qualify or need to file for bankruptcy, sometimes negotiating a lump-sum payment with a creditor makes a lot of sense. We can contact your creditor directly and propose a settlement for less than the full amount owed. In many cases, clients can save 35-50% off the original amount. Debt settlement is only for clients who have immediate funds available and who understand there may be income taxes owed on the amount of debt forgiven.

If you’re considering debt settlement, we can discuss whether it’s right for you.

5 Reasons To Choose

Attorney Mark Buckley, CFP®


We have filed over 3,500 Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases filed in 33 years with 100% success rate.


We offer FREE phone consultations and office / home / telephonic meetings days, evenings, and weekends.


You will receive a refunded attorney fee if your case is denied through no fault of your own.


Your case will be prepared entirely by an attorney, unlike most law firms who rely on non-lawyer support staff to do most of the work


No other bankruptcy lawyer, with comparable expertise, charges less. We strive to offer a fee that is fair and affordable once we understand the work your case requires.


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