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  1. Don’t rob Peter to pay Paul. Stop using your credit cards.
  2. Don’t take cash advances, make balance transfers or use convenience checks.
  3. Don’t repay debts to family or friends. You may repay them after the case is over.
  4. Don’t take your name off, or add your name to, any bank or financial account.
  5. Don’t hide assets or omit debts. The law requires FULL disclosure. No secrets.
  6. Don’t forget to list all bank, brokerage, and credit union accounts.
  7. Don’t forget to disclose an expected tax refund, money settlement, or inheritance.
  8. Don’t omit any business interests, no matter the size or profitability.
  9. Don’t buy a home shortly before filing without first telling Attorney Buckley.
  10. Don’t sell, transfer or give away any real or personal property to anyone.
  11. Don’t repay more than $600 on any past due bill within 90 days of filing bankruptcy (unless paying a secured debt like a car loan or house mortgage).
  12. Don’t omit disclosing hidden income or tips just because it is “not on the books”.
  13. Don’t take distributions or borrow money from retirement plans.
  14. Don’t take out a second mortgage or do a cash-out refinance.
  15. Don’t gamble. You’re not going to win.
  16. Don’t file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy if your income is greater than your expenses.
  17. Don’t take out desperate payday loans.
  18. Don’t put money in children’s bank accounts or College 529 savings accounts.
  19. Don’t hide a credit card to use after your bankruptcy is over. It will be shut off.
  20. Don’t omit friends and family as creditors if you owe them money.
  21. Don’t write bad checks. Bad faith can make the debt non-dischargeable.
  22. Don’t borrow money from anyone, even friends and family. The extra “income” may prevent you from qualifying for bankruptcy.
  23. Don’t forget to tell Attorney Buckley about liens on your home or unpaid judgments, because many can be removed.
  24. Don’t make major financial decisions without first talking to Attorney Buckley.
  25. Don’t get married before filing if future spouse’s income may jeopardize your case.
  26. Don’t tell half-truths. Shoot straight. Honesty saves us both time and money.
  27. Don’t run up your credit cards in advance of filing bankruptcy.
  28. Don’t miss any court hearings, trial, or other legal proceedings.
  29. Don’t keep money in any bank you owe money to. They could freeze your account.
  30. Don’t hide from Attorney Buckley. Keep him informed of any changes in your case.