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Do Chapter 7 Debtors Have to go to RI Bankruptcy Court?

Going to court is rarely fun. Financial and family court matters can be issues of serious stress and discomfort. Court cases are filled with uncertainty and conclude only after lengthy legal battles.

Thankfully, a Rhode Island Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is entirely different. In the vast majority of RI bankruptcy cases, debtors rarely enter a courtroom. Although your RI bankruptcy lawyer files your petition with the US Bankruptcy court in Providence, your case is reviewed by an attorney at the US Trustee’s office, meaning that your bankruptcy case does not need to be heard in a courtroom. No judge, jury, or bailiff will be necessary.

The room wherehandle my RI bankruptcy creditor meetings is nothing like a courtroom, with only a few scattered tables and chairs. RI Chapter 7 bankruptcy meetings are almost always the same: no excitement, no drama, very predictable and uneventful. You will sit next to me and across from the bankruptcy trustee at a table with a tape recorder and computer. The bankruptcy trustee will typically hear your case within an allotted 5-minute time span. Only improperly-prepared petitions, or extrememly complicated bankruptcy cases, take longer.

One key to a stress-free Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is to find an experienced bankruptcy lawyer with attention to detail and who can do things right the first time. If this kind of lawyer prepares your petition, your hearing should be entirely uneventful.

If you hire a lawyer from a bankruptcy mill, however, be prepared for headaches.

The bankruptcy hearings take place at the Federal Center, 380 Westminster Street, 6th floor, room 620.  You should arrive 30 minutes prior to your hearing and have with you a state issued identification card (driver’s license) and your Social Security card.

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