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Meeting of Creditors

Once a Chapter 7 case is filed, a meeting of creditors (aka 341 Meeting) is scheduled 3-4 weeks later. At the meeting, the debtor is asked questions by the bankruptcy trustee and any creditor who chooses to attend the meeting. The debtor must bring a state issued photo ID and Social Security card and be prepared to answer questions about their income, expenses, how their debt was created, and anything else the trustee needs clarification on. In a half-hour segment, a trustee can hear about 6 cases. If a case is extremely complicated, it can be continued to a second hearing date to allow time for more questioning.

Attorney Buckley will thoroughly prepare you for the meeting of creditors. You will be given a list of common questions and you will practice your answers with Attorney Buckley before the meeting. The Providence meeting of creditors takes place in the city at The Federal Center, 380 Westminster Street, 6th floor, Room 620 and there is parking right outside the building.

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