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Clients’ Choice Award – I’d like to thank . . .

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Providence/ Warwick bankruptcy lawyer, I rescue clients from financial chaos. I solve debt problems caused by job loss, ill health, and other life-changing setbacks. For so many with too much debt and too little income, I help them push the RESTART button.

After examining spending patterns, budgets and monthly income, we consider all debt-relief options including payment plans, debt settlement, and bankruptcy.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to protect property and give a financial fresh-start. My clients feel immediate relief after I file their case and debt collectors stop calling. 90 days later, the case ends and financial freedom begins.


Many are surprised to learn how Rhode Island and federal law can help protect most/all of their property. These bankruptcy “exemption” protections apply to cars, real estate, retirement assets, jewelry, etc. Most clients do not lose any property at all.

These same laws also help remove most unsecured debts like credit cards, payday loans, utility bills, personal loans, lines of credit, medical bills, car repossessions, mortgage foreclosures, etc. Sometimes, even income tax obligations can be discharged in bankruptcy.

I understand its not easy to ask for help, especially when it comes to money-matters. I get it. That’s why I designed my practice differently.

Anyone with a debt problem can call me, without any obligation, to get my legal-financial advice. I’m pretty easy to talk to and would be happy to help you determine the best path out of your debt dilemma.

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PS: I don’t take these “awards” too seriously, but I’m always happy when bankruptcy clients appreciate the realized benefits of a financial do-over.

Here it is.Mark Steven Buckley CFPClients’ ChoiceAward 2019

About Mark Buckley

Consumer Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, and debt-settlement attorney licensed in RI & MA. I am the only bankruptcy lawyer who is a certified financial planner professional. 

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