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Which Debts To Pay First

Not all debts are created equal. Don’t waste your limited resources paying down credit card debt, when you need to keep current on your house mortgage and car loan. Prioritize your debts based on secured versus unsecured.

“How Much Do You Charge To File Bankruptcy”

What does a Rhode Island Bankruptcy Cost? An experienced bankruptcy lawyer should quote you a fee tailored to the complexity of your case. There is no one-price-fits-all because every case is different. Be skeptical of any attorney who quotes you a fee without first taking the time to understand your situation.

Bankruptcy for RI Seniors

Bankruptcy Relief For RI Seniors “An increasing number of Americans aged 65 and older are declaring bankruptcy,” writes Reuters in a recent report. “Those aged 65 and older represented seven percent of bankruptcy filers in 2007, a mind-boggling jump from 1991. They are easily the ‘fastest-growing age demographic…’” The sad fact is that many older […]

14 Lies About Bankruptcy

RI Bankruptcy lawyer separates fact from fiction concerning filing bankrupty. Those struggling with unpayable debt should learn more about bankruptcy relief.