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“How Much Do You Charge To File Bankruptcy”

What does a Rhode Island Bankruptcy Cost? An experienced bankruptcy lawyer should quote you a fee tailored to the complexity of your case. There is no one-price-fits-all because every case is different. Be skeptical of any attorney who quotes you a fee without first taking the time to understand your situation.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing in Rhode Island: How Long Will It Take?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filings take how long to complete in Rhode Island? Let’s pretend you filed a Rhode Island Chapter 7 bankruptcy case today. If you did, your case would come to an end in about 90 days. What happens during that time? Let’s examine a typical Chapter 7 filing in RI: You complete your first […]

14 Lies About Bankruptcy

RI Bankruptcy lawyer separates fact from fiction concerning filing bankrupty. Those struggling with unpayable debt should learn more about bankruptcy relief.

Debt Settlement Plans: Part II

Debt settlement plans fail because they require unrealistic repayment terms. Contact a Rhode Island bankruptcy lawyer to understand all of your debt-relief options.