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Rhode Island Bankruptcy Debtors Catch a Break

Twice a year, the US Census Bureau and the IRS provide data used by bankruptcy lawyers to determine who qualifies for debt relief.  On May, 1, 2012, the new income numbers became effective for all new bankruptcy case filings.  The good news is that median income figures rose for all household sizes in Rhode Island. Below […]

RI Bankruptcy Advice: Tell the Truth

Your Duties to Disclose During Bankruptcy A successful Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires honesty in order to work. When filing for bankruptcy in Rhode Island (or any state for that matter), honesty is not just necessary: it is mandatory. Anyone filing for bankruptcy should know that they are expected—required, rather—to act in good faith and be completely […]

Get Bankruptcy Advice Even If You Have No Intention To File

Getting timely bankruptcy advice is helpful even if you have no intention to file for bankruptcy relief. If you are dealing with more than $ 10,000 in unsecured debt and want to know all of your options, a respected bankruptcy attorney should be the first financial adviser to call.

Which Debts To Pay First

Not all debts are created equal. Don’t waste your limited resources paying down credit card debt, when you need to keep current on your house mortgage and car loan. Prioritize your debts based on secured versus unsecured.

“How Much Do You Charge To File Bankruptcy”

What does a Rhode Island Bankruptcy Cost? An experienced bankruptcy lawyer should quote you a fee tailored to the complexity of your case. There is no one-price-fits-all because every case is different. Be skeptical of any attorney who quotes you a fee without first taking the time to understand your situation.

Do Chapter 7 Debtors Have to go to RI Bankruptcy Court?

In most cases, debtors who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief in Rhode Island, do not have to go the RI Bankruptcy Court. Instead, they attend a brief hearing known as a Section 341 meeting of creditors that typically lasts less than 5 minutes.